Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring happenings!

These flowers in the snow greeted me when I arrived on Saturday morning at our BYOP stitching weekend on Saturday morning.  I think it was a final farewell to winter!  It was warm inside and we had a wonderful weekend of relaxing stitching.  It was so much fun that I forgot to take any more pictures!  You will just have to join us next time and remind me to stop stitching for a few minutes and snap a few photos.  Several people finished multiple projects and we enjoyed looking at the projects that were brought for show and tell.  I had fun finding projects that had been stashed in my stitching bag for so long that I had forgotten about them.  I have a nice collection of Lizzie Kate's Flora McSample ornaments that need finishing.  Maybe they can be the motivation for a finishing class!
Last Saturday we had a visit from Sue Hillis.  She graciously signed charts, posed for pictures and shared her latest designs.  Fans of all ages came to visit!  The little fireman made sure that none of the hot new designs combusted!  The long "Super...Docious" pillow is so new Sue finished stuffing it at the shop.  Sue says the pillow is just the right length to fit across a twin bed.  The colors in both the picture and the pillow are yummy; they lift your spirits!

Happy stitching!

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  1. love the Sue Hillis pillow!!!!!
    It looks like a fun stitch!!!
    I too hope winter is over....the flowers are so pretty! I saw my first hummingbird last night!!