Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Market Fun Continues!

Nashville Needlework Market fun continues!  Many of the items listed on our latest What’s New page, , are things that were ordered at Market and have now made their way to our shop.  I am always amazed at the variety and quantity of new designs!  I do not know how the designers do it, but I am glad they do!  Prairie Life sampler from Heartstring Samplery will be of special interest to you if you are a fan of Little House on the Prairie.  Do you have the 35 new DMC colors?  Are you wondering what to stitch with them? Hope Blooms from SamSarah is the answer; it uses all 35 of the new colors! 

As the end of March draws near, so does our ability to order designs from Lizzie Kate.  We finally received the order that we placed in February.  I plan to submit another one by the end of this week and a final one next week.  Please do not procrastinate if there are charts or kits that you want; let us know right away. We do not want you to be disappointed! 

Take a look at our newest arrivals and tell us which ones need to be added to your collection!  We appreciate your continued business!


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Nashville Stashville

I think our new nickname should be "Nashville Stashville"!  We have just returned from the Nashville Needlework market and there are 252 new items in our catalog.  In the interest of getting things online as quickly as possible we will not be listing things by designer on the What’s New page. Just go to our catalog,  and type nash18 in the keyword search box.  There are SO many great things in store for you there!  I do not know how the designers can continue to come up with new things to inspire us, but I am so glad that they do.

I am still recovering from all of the power shopping and power pricing and organizing so I will leave you to make your lists of things that need to find a home with you. A few things were sold out at market and they are being shipped to us.  We will add them as they arrive.  Keep checking back!  Your continued business is greatly appreciated!

Some of the latest from Chessie and Me.

Summer in Baltimore from
With Thy Needle and Thread.

Kathy Barrick and Carriage House offerings.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Get ready for the Nashville Needlework Market!

We have an abundance of new designs to shake us out of the winter doldrums and get us ready for spring!  See them here: .  It is always a positive sign when the new Mill Hill Spring Collections arrive.  They have fun beach and Easter designs as well as cute birds from Debbie Mum and a Zodiac series.  At long last DMC has issued a new color card with actual floss samples.  It is a wonderful tool for choosing your color palette and it includes the 35 new colors along with their metallics and variegated colors. Hardanger lovers will want to see the latest from Satin Stitches.  If you are planning for Christmas already, there are two new reprinted designs from Prairie Schooler and after many weeks of backorders, we finally have Bringing Home the Tree from Sue Hillis!
As many of you have already heard, Lizzie Kate will soon be retiring.  There will be one more new design called Spring Smalls that is due out on March 1. And as we understand it, we need to have orders in by the end of March for any items that we want.  After that time we will be able to order some designs from distributors until supplies are exhausted. So! If there are Lizzie Kate charts or kits that you have been wanting, order them now!! It may take them a little longer than usual to for them to arrive but we have been assured that we will get them if we order in March.  We will sorely miss the fun, fresh designs but wish them well in their retirement. 

One week from today we will be heading for the Nashville Needlework Market. I know you are receiving emails and Facebook posts from your favorite designers.  Let me know as soon as possible which things you would like us to get for you.  It is a shopping marathon but I will do my absolute best to get you what you want! 

I will leave you to peruse the new things and compile your must have Lizzie Kate list! Thank you for continuing to be a faithful customer!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

We are having more winter weather here in northern Indiana.   It is perfect for staying inside and stitching AND shopping for more stitching projects!  We have updated our What’s New page with these suggestions for your next projects: .  There are new designs from your tried and true favorite designers and we have added charts from a new (to our website) designer called The Little Stitcher. As always, there are many wonderful projects.  Some of my favorites are the ones with hearts; but then it is February with Valentine’s Day just a week away!   One of our major distributors has recently made a number of European charts more readily available for us to order. There are SO many that I thought I would let you help me decide which ones to stock.  You can see them at Click on Friday Update or Monthly Listings.  It will not give you prices but I can let you know the cost.  The one drawback to charts from other countries is the cost.  They are frequently $15.00-$35.00.  So, that is why I thought I would get your input before I order!  These could be the answer if you are looking for something a little different for you next project.

 Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!  We love our customers!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

New projects for snowy days!

One of the charts on our updated What’s New Page ( sums up our feelings about the weather.  It is from Artful Offerings and it says, “More Snow…Oh! No!”  So far we have 105 inches for this winter and this morning found us with 2 more inches.  The good thing is that it makes perfect weather for stitching!  We have a nice selection of new projects and accessories for your stitching pleasure.  The 2018 Collector’s Heart is here as well as Lizzie Kate designs that celebrate love.  Those of you who are sheep collectors will not want to miss our new sheep scissors.  They are so cute that you might have to have a pair in each color!  If house pets are more your thing be sure to see Beware of Dog (And Cat).  The Nashville Needlework Market is fast approaching!  Glendon Place is offering a Limited Edition kit that needs to be pre-ordered by January 31.  We will bring your pre-ordered kits back from Nashville on March 6.

I need to give you the unfortunate news that postage rates have increased dramatically for small packages.  Maybe I listen to the wrong news reports but I have not heard anything about the increase from the media.  Packages that cost $3.00 to mail last week are now $3.50!  Stamps went up a penny and flat rate Priority Mail packages went up a nickel.  I wish we could absorb the increase but it just is not in our budget.  Perhaps the answer is more road trips!  It is so much nicer to see things in person and feel the fabrics and fibers!


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’m sorry it has been so long since you heard from us!  I foolishly thought that things might slow down after the holidays but the weather and various life circumstances have conspired to keep things as hectic as ever.  Thanks to my faithful computer helpers, we have a What’s New page for you at . If you like pictures (and who doesn’t?), click on the catalog button and type jan18a in the keyword box.  That will give you clickable thumbnail photos of all our newest arrivals.  Yow will see an assortment that includes a Cycling Santa, Muscle Cars of the 70’s and a number of snow related designs.  We are quite ready to be finished with the real snow that has piled up around LaPorte but these stitched versions are very enticing! Enjoy looking them over and let us know which ones are destined for your collection.

We appreciate your continued patronage and look forward to serving your cross stitch needs in 2018.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Do you need a break from all of the holiday hustle and bustle?  I have a suggestion!  Find your favorite beverage and take a few minutes to see our latest arrivals: .  Many of them are Christmas designs that cannot possibly be ready in time but that is okay; Christmas comes every year.  You will have a whole year to get them finished! The designers are getting exceptionally creative. I have never before seen a bumblebee in a Santa hat or a Fairy Coffee Mother!  With cross stitch there is never an excuse to get bored with your projects.  The variety of subjects and designs is mind boggling!

When you are finished looking through the new items (and have placed your order!), extend your break by taking a few minutes to reflect on the reason we celebrate.  It will help put all of your plans in perspective!  All of us at House of Stitches wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas and a very happy, healthy, stitching New Year!