Thursday, June 7, 2018

Strawberry Sale!

It’s June!  In Indiana that means it is strawberry time.  To celebrate, we are having a 25% off sale on all of the Erica Michaels strawberries that we have in stock!  (We will take the discount off your order when we process it.) They are so much fun to make!  They are like potato chips; you can’t have just one!

More projects are waiting for you at . Things are gearing up for fall and holiday stitching! Just a few weeks ago we received the Autumn kits from Mill Hill and this week we received the holiday kits!  They arrived too late for this update but you can see them at Just click on new products (on the left side) and then kits.  We will have the photos on our next update.  Another late arrival is the 2018 Prairie Schooler Santa.  If you would like any of these items just put a note in the customer comments area of your order form.

If you are feeling like stitching something patriotic, take a look at Festive Little Fobs-Americana Edition and Stars and Stripes Forever Stocking, both from Heartstring Samplery.  Another new patriotic design is Every Heart from Country Cottage Needlework.  The Fourth of July is fast approaching so your stitching bag needs to have something red, white and blue to stitch!

Mark your calendars for the first weekend in October!  Pam Reed from Olde Colonial Designs is coming to teach her new class project called Needfuls of Mine.  I am still working out the cost and will get you that information soon along with a picture of the project!  For now, just mark October 5-7 on your calendar for a weekend of stitching fun!  More soon!

Friday, May 25, 2018

New project, anyone?

I hope you are having weather as beautiful as ours.  The weathermen are predicting summertime weather all weekend. We have waited a long time for it to get here so no complaining about the heat!  Barbeques, ball games and cemetery visits are all going to require sunscreen.

We have an updated What’s New page for your weekend enjoyment! You can see it here: There are new designs from Drawn Thread, Heart in Hand, Plum Street and more of your favorites. Choose your next project(s) today!

I have to ask for your indulgence if your orders and emails have not been attended to in the usual manner. The ladies here at the shop have done a marvelous job filling in where they could but I have not been functioning at an optimal level.  My mother has been in declining health for some time and last week she got her wish to leave her earthly home and go to her heavenly one.  So, there are orders that I thought I placed that I apparently did not and emails that I deleted instead of sending!  I hope to get things back up to speed soon!  Thank you for your indulgence.

We appreciate your continued interest! Spread the word about the benefits of stitching! It has saved my sanity on more than one occasion!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Spring has Sprung!

Our weather seems to have finally realized that it is May!  Trees and flowers are blooming and the grass has been mowed for the first time.  And, we are sneezing, sniffling and rubbing our eyes but we will pay the price for nice weather!  We have new charts to take your mind off your seasonal symptoms.  A new project always makes me feel better;  how about you?  The next installments have arrived for many of the stitching series: Farmhouse Christmas, For the Parlor, Hometown Holiday, Laundry Company, Spook Town Square and White Christmas.  Take a look at all of them at .  Do you crave a challenging project?  Hands Across the Sea has just the sampler for you!  Sarah Braizear 1829 is slightly larger than 24” x 24” when stitched over two on 40 count linen.  The 44 page chart celebrates the Kings and Queen of Great Britain. We are limited to the stock that we have on hand so do not delay in getting your copy.  And while we are speaking of British royalty, be sure to see the Six Wives of Henry VIII by Primitive Hare.  Dreaming of Sunflowers from Rosewood Manor will add a permanent splash of sunshine on your sampler wall.  With Thy Needle and Thread has designed a sweet little spring basket called To Thee from Me.  I hope you enjoy our latest arrivals.  They make me want to get out my needle and start a new project!


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Projects for all seasons

I hope you have a hankering for a new project because we have many new ones to fill your needs!  There are projects for every season of the year.  Even though we are having a hard time getting spring to stick around, the new Mill Hill autumn kits are here!  We have Prairie Schooler charts that have been reprinted including some of their popular Prairie Fairies and yearly Santas.  Tree lovers will need to see Daily Walk in the Woods from Carolyn Manning.  The trees could be stitched individually or as a group. Quiltz, the latest design from Long Dog Samplers, is stitched in fall colors and depicts a country village in a band sampler style.  Stoney Creek has a new book with the state birds for all the states.  I think I might have to start stitching Long May She Wave from Abby Rose Designs just to reassure myself that spring and summer are really on the way.  Find your favorites and we can get them on the way to your mailbox or hold them for you to pick up.

Here is a photo of a project stitched by our friend Cindy. It is Vintage Birds by Jeanette Douglas Designs. As always, the photo doesn't come close to showing how beautiful it is real life.  Great job, Cindy! Thanks for letting us share it.

Keep on stitching!  We appreciate your continued business!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Choose a spring project!

Once again we have updated our What’s New page with our latest arrivals.  You can see them here: .  Several of the new things are market items that have just arrived! The third installment of Little House Needleworks’ Farmhouse Christmas is here and I think it is my favorite so far.  What is it that makes us all love the little red pick up trucks?  Country Cottage Needleworks has started a new series called Welcome to the Forest.  The annual Stoneware kit from Pricilla’s Pocket is a Snowman. We have added some charts from the California company Satsuma Street. They are colorful designs including the signs of the zodiac, The Emerald City and a collage of Chicago landmarks.  The new fall (Yes, fall!!) kits are here from Mill Hill!  They arrived too late to be pictured in this update but they will be on the next one.

It has come to my attention that I should be starting to plan for retirement!  If you have been thinking about having your own needlework shop, this could be your golden opportunity.  Let me know if you are interested; I would be happy to provide training/mentoring as needed.

As I write this we are getting yet another snow flurry!  Our only consolation is that it will melt soon.  And, it doesn’t keep us from stitching spring projects!  I hope all of your projects are going well. Let us know which new ones you want to add to your stitching basket.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Market Fun Continues!

Nashville Needlework Market fun continues!  Many of the items listed on our latest What’s New page, , are things that were ordered at Market and have now made their way to our shop.  I am always amazed at the variety and quantity of new designs!  I do not know how the designers do it, but I am glad they do!  Prairie Life sampler from Heartstring Samplery will be of special interest to you if you are a fan of Little House on the Prairie.  Do you have the 35 new DMC colors?  Are you wondering what to stitch with them? Hope Blooms from SamSarah is the answer; it uses all 35 of the new colors! 

As the end of March draws near, so does our ability to order designs from Lizzie Kate.  We finally received the order that we placed in February.  I plan to submit another one by the end of this week and a final one next week.  Please do not procrastinate if there are charts or kits that you want; let us know right away. We do not want you to be disappointed! 

Take a look at our newest arrivals and tell us which ones need to be added to your collection!  We appreciate your continued business!


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Nashville Stashville

I think our new nickname should be "Nashville Stashville"!  We have just returned from the Nashville Needlework market and there are 252 new items in our catalog.  In the interest of getting things online as quickly as possible we will not be listing things by designer on the What’s New page. Just go to our catalog,  and type nash18 in the keyword search box.  There are SO many great things in store for you there!  I do not know how the designers can continue to come up with new things to inspire us, but I am so glad that they do.

I am still recovering from all of the power shopping and power pricing and organizing so I will leave you to make your lists of things that need to find a home with you. A few things were sold out at market and they are being shipped to us.  We will add them as they arrive.  Keep checking back!  Your continued business is greatly appreciated!

Some of the latest from Chessie and Me.

Summer in Baltimore from
With Thy Needle and Thread.

Kathy Barrick and Carriage House offerings.