Monday, June 10, 2013


I thought you might like to see a couple of projects that we have been stitching.  First is one from our framer, Cherry.  It is from a JBW leaflet, "Needle Roll & Needle Case".  What a beautiful project!  She accessorized it with Tulip Thread Rings, Hare Threadwinders and an Acorn Needle Minder, all from Kelmscott Designs.  If sewing isn't your favorite thing, we can order the pre-made accessories for you.  Then you just stitch on the linen bands and quick as a wink youhave a finished project!  The  floss colors beautifully echo the colors in the fabrics used in the needle roll and needle case.  If you want to sew the accessories in another color, it would be easy to change the color of the flowers to match your fabric.  This would be a great gift for your stitching friends!

I have been working on some Christmas ornaments from Lizzie Kate's "Flora McSample Ornaments 2011 and 2012".  (I can't wait to see the 2013 leaflet!)  The two ornaments at the top of the photo are stitched on Lakeside Linen's 32 count Woodsmoke.  The two at the bottom are stitched on Milk Chocolate Linen from Wichelt.  My photography doesn't do the colors justice!  Once I started stitching these designs I couldn't stop;  they are fun and fast.  I am going to use them as models in an ornament class later this summer.  If you are interested in the class, just let us know and we will get you the details as soon as we have them.
Thank you for allowing me to show you just a few of the projects that we have been enjoying!  I was going to balance my checkbook tonight but this seemed like more fun!  I hope you are stitching some fun summer projects, too!

Happy stitching,


  1. Lovely! I'd go with pre-made any day!!!

  2. everything looks so pretty! Oh how I miss my stitching time! love your projects!

  3. Looks like somebody has been busy! Cherry's needleroll is beautiful, and I'm with Lelia--pre-made is the way to go!

    Linda, your Lizzie Kate's are adorable.

    I love the idea of an ornament finishing class. I can do it, but I'd love to get some tips and tricks to make it a bit less stressful.