Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nashville, part 2

I had every intention of posting last night but I truly "shopped 'til I dropped".  We had a nice dinnner at Romano's Macaroni Grill and if I didn't know better I would think my date drugged my Diet Coke!  When we got back to the hotel, I sat down on the couch to work on pricing charts.  The next thing I knew, it was 4:00 AM!  There was nothing to do but brush my teeth and go to bed. 

Today was another very good day of shopping.  (I should have been snapping pictures to show you as I went along.  I'll try to remember next time.)  Our room is filled with bags and bags of new charts, kits and "toys".  Just a few of the designers that we purchased from are:  Chessie & Me, Blackbird Designs (limited edition kit and 44 page book), Olde Colonial (5 new kits) Lizzie Kate (one limited edition kit and one Easter kit), Prairie Moon (5 Halloween themed designs), Milady's Needle (beautiful sampler pendants and charts), and Workbasket.  We have new threads from Crescent Colours, Gentle Art, and Weeks Dye Works.   I have to stop!   To see the latest, go to the website,, click on catalog, and type nash12 in the key word box.  We will be adding things as fast as we can!

I scheduled a trunk show from Summer House Stitche Workes for the month of May.  (Road trip anyone?!)  And, we have an ongoing trunk show from Prairie Moon.  Because Sue lives nearby, she and Barb are kind enough loan us many of their models.  This evening Sue called and asked if we would like to take more models back to the shop.  No brainer!  So we have more than a dozen stitched pieces that will be on display as soon as we can get home and get them on the wall.  I'll post a picture soon.

I'm going to give the computer back to Hal now.  While I am typing he isn't uploading!  He hasn't been slacking, though, he's been pricing charts.  What a great guy!

Happy stitching,

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  1. sounds like I need to make a trip to LaPorte!!! I have seen previews of some of the new stuff & oh my!! Why do designers keep coming up with so much new stuff that can't wait!?!?!!??