Friday, February 24, 2012

Nashville Needlework Show 2012

Hello from Nashville (OK, Franklin) Tennessee.  It is about an 8 hour drive to get here and we had no problems; the snow is back home in Indiana!  We arrived yesterday in time for dinner at our traditional first night eatery, Santa Fe Steakhouse.  Yummm....peanuts in the shell and a nice steak dinner.  That gave us the energy that we needed to unload the car and settle into our room.

This morning we had a big hotel breakfast with Linda and Alan Ebright, aka Mr. and Mrs. Lizzie Kate.  One of the nicest things about market is catching up with stitching friends.  We had so much fun chatting that I was almost late for my class.  Barbara Rakosnik from Periwinkle Promises taught her "Red Strawberry Fob & Sheath" project.  She showed us a way to make queen stitches that makes them a bit more stitcher friendly.  I wish I could say my project looks like the photo above but I have many more hours of stitching to do before that happens.

This evening we plan an early dinner (Food is never far from our minds!) so we can be back for early bird shopping.  The sooner I start shopping, the sooner I'll have new things to show you.  Husband Hal will be uploading things as I buy.  The only problem is that I can shop faster than he can upload!  Tonight there is also a "Make it! Take it!" event that will give us a preview of the products we will see when the market officially opens tomorrow morning.  Keep watching this space; I plan to blog throughout the weekend.  It will be the next best thing to being here!

Happy stitching,

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  1. I can't wait to see what goodies you find! This will be fun to follow along. Happy weekend!