Thursday, July 12, 2012

It is hot, hot, hot here in northern Indiana!  We are trying various ways to beat the heat.  Of course, our favorite is staying inside and stitching.  My grandchildren have other ideas about summer fun.  Here are some photos taken on recent summer days.  The top two photos were taken at a local park and the bottom two were taken at a South Bend Silver Hawks baseball game.
Look at the big smile on Jonathan's face as he anticipates catching a wayward ball at the game.  Can you see Grace's patriotic fingernails as she gets ready to swing on the playground?  They said the splash pad was icy cold but it did not seem to diminish the fun.  They delighted in stepping on the jets of water so they would spray out sideways at those of us "too old" to play in the water.
We have been having fun at the shop as stitchers stop in on their vacations.  It is nice to put names  and faces together as we meet friends from the Internet.  We are very near Interstate 94 and the Indiana Toll Road (I 80/I 90.)  If you are going by we are a great spot for a rest stop.  The park in the top two pictures is only two blocks from the shop so if you have little ones, they can get a bit of exercise.
The What's New Page on our website ( been updated so be sure to see our latest acquisitions. Perhaps some of them are destined to become your latest acquisitions!

Happy stitching,

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  1. how fun!!!! Isn't it great having grandkids?!?!?! I just updated my blog with grandkid pics this week....and then a very sad update yesterday. Amazing how kids don't seem to mind the heat we have been experiencing.