Tuesday, September 12, 2017

$3000.00 Goal Reached!

I am very happy to report that with the help of a kind and generous donor, we were able to send $3000.00 to the Riley Children’s Hospital Foundation! She asked to remain anonymous but I want to say thank you SO much and again, thank you to all who contributed and worked hard to make the Midwest Stash Exchange a success.  You have helped brighten the lives of children who are going through very trying circumstances.

Cross stitch designers are amazing!  They keep bringing us new designs to stitch and enjoy.  You can see the latest arrivals by going to our What’s New page at https://www.houseofstitches.com/whatsnew.cfm or go to our website catalog and type sep17a in the keyword box.  That will give you a visual treat as all of the newest designs appear!  You will see Part 1 of the Lizzie Kate Spirit of Christmas Mystery Sampler, Number 6 in the Early Americans series and Lesson 3 in the Abecedarian Summer Schoolhouse series.  There are Christmas projects from JBW, Sweetheart Tree and Blackbird Designs.  For inspiration see Courageous and Strong from Needle Bling or Soul Anchor by Stoney Creek.  Autumn designs were not totally overlooked.  Be sure to see Autumn ABC’s from Little House Needleworks, Shades of Autumn by Scissortail Designs and the Fall Issue of Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher.

We had an unexpected surprise last week at the Post Office.  Without fanfare or notice, the rates have gone up on First Class Packages!  Even the postal clerks were surprised by the change.  The cost to mail a First Class package that weighs up to 4 ounces has increased to $3.00!   I did some checking and if the package is totally flat (no more than a quarter inch variation in thickness) it can be mailed for less.  BUT! That service does not come with a tracking number and the delivery time can be a bit slower.  It also has to be flat which eliminates almost everything except charts and leaflets.   Add some floss and it becomes a package instead of a large envelope.  Another thing that needs to be understood is that once the package is in the postal system it is no longer our responsibility.  We cannot replace your order if it goes astray.  In my opinion, it is totally worth having the tracking number on your package.  It is most interesting to see the circuitous route that some packages take on the way to your mailbox!  With the tracking number we can at least see where it is even if we cannot figure out why it is there.  We do our best to keep the postage that we charge close to the actual cost and in most cases it is still less than the cost of gas if you drive very far to pick up your supplies.  With that being said, we are still happy to have you visit the shop in person whenever possible!

I am making good progress on the pre-stitching for our Weekend of Stitches.  I have heard that several speedy stitchers have already finished their pre-stitching! Here is the link to information about the October 6-8 weekend:  https://www.houseofstitches.com/events.html. I love the colors that Stacy used and I have discovered that it is on 32 count linen not 36 count as I originally thought.   A few spots are still available if you would like to join us.  We hope you can come!

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  1. Congrats on meeting your goal! My 4 year old granddaughter is currently at Riley undergoing cancer treatment. I never thought cancer would touch our lives like this! Thank you for the donations for Riley. They are doing a wonderful job of taking care of my granddaughter and my son and DIL.