Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Holiday projects!

It is hard to believe it is the middle of October!  We have been experiencing summer like temperatures and it has lulled me into thinking that I have plenty of time to plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The thing that brings me back to reality is the ever earlier time of sunset each day.  The designers are doing a good job keeping us on track with new holiday projects.  You can view our most recent arrivals at http://www.houseofstitches.com/whatsnew.cfm .  Mill Hill brings us the latest Jim Shore perforated paper ornaments: two angels, two snowmen, an owl and a penguin.  Lizzie Kate has six new designs for the little wooden sleds that are so popular and easy to finish.  The Lizzie Kate Yearbook series is now complete with the addition of November and December.  Along with those designs there are two more new charts and two new kits!  A new chart from Abby Rose gives us some good advice: Do more of what makes you happy!  I think that has to include more stitching and more time at houseofstitches.com planning your next projects.  See you there!

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