Thursday, May 5, 2016

Latest arrivals!

Our What’s New page is filled with over sixty great new designs!  Hop over to visit at   The new Mill Hill kits are here!  In addition to six Autumn Buttons and Beads kits and six Autumn Harvest Magnet kits, we have the Little Monsters Trilogy and Calavera Charmed Ornaments.  Lizzie Kate’s new Yearbook Double Flip series has begun and the first half of the series is in stock and waiting for you!   Heart’s Content has a beautiful new kit called Tudor-Batik Scissors Sheath.   If you feel like stitching a summer-themed design, be sure to see the To the Beach series from Hands On Design.  Needle’s Notion has a cute design called Bandana Ranch for the little cowboy or cowgirl in your life.

Strawberry Fields from Blackbird Designs is back in print and back in stock!  And their new book, Sweet Land of Liberty also arrived today.  It has five patriotic designs!  If you need either of these just put a note in the customer comments area of your order form.

Our framer says to tell you she has framed Winter Wienerland ( from Plum Street a couple of times recently and it is as cute as can be!  It is fun to see how the same design looks when stitched on different counts and colors of fabric. 
While we are speaking of Plum Street, I started stitching Deer Friends recently.  I worked on it in the car while we traveled this past weekend and I am sure my poor husband got quite tired of hearing me exclaim over the beautiful colors. This is what is stitched so far.  (Now you can admire the colors, too! LOL) I am ready to start a deer!

Any day now we will be receiving a trunk show from Summer House Stitche Works.  I am really looking forward to having Beth’s stitched models in the shop!  It is always very inspiring to see the actual stitched piece instead of just a photo on a chart.  Once we have the models unpacked and set up I will post some photos for those who cannot visit in person.  Stay tuned!

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