Sunday, August 25, 2013

St. Charles Needlework Market

The National Needlework Association's Fall Market was in St. Charles, Missouri this weekend.  It was a marathon classes, shopping, networking and planning. Talking with designers and other shop owners is a great experience.  It's nice to know that there are many others who are also doing their best to spread the love of needlework.  If you are reading this, you probably already know how therapeutic and rewarding stitching can be.  I have a quote from Ginnie Thompson on the wall by my computer.  It says, "What cross stitch does not cure it alleviates!"

Now that my shopping is finished, we have everything priced and packed so we can travel home tomorrow. The new things will be in the shop and ready to purchase on Tuesday.  If you have placed an order through our website or by phone, we will mail it on Tuesday.

The atrium of the hotel was decorated with banners from the many designers and companies that were exhibiting.  It was festive and hinted at the good things that were waiting to be purchased.  Here are a few photos from the exhibitors' rooms.
Rosewood Manor's Spring, Summer and Winter Quakers.
More samplers from Rosewood Manor.
"His Glory" from Lone Elm Lane, one of the new designers.
One of the samplers in the book "Sisters" from Blackbird Designs.
The sampler on the left is from "Sisters", "Away We Ride" is on the right.
 Both are from Blackbird Designs.
These cute Chalkboard Designs are from another new designer, Brenda Riddle Designs. Stitched with White Lightning on Gunmetal Linen (both from Weeks Dye Works), they look just like chalkboard art.
"Ann Leech" and "Evergreen Friendship" from C Street Samplerworks, a designer from our hometown!  We are proud of you Ruth Ann!
To see all of the other new things from market, go to our website catalog,, and type stchas13 in the keyword box.  I think you will have a good time planning your next projects!
Happy stitching,


  1. some very neat/interesting things shown here!!! Trying very hard to finish my supercali piece this week!!! That is just ONE of this week's goals!!!
    I see a trip to HOS sometime this fall!!!

  2. Linda, Thanks so much for taking my models to the Market so Norden could exhibit them. And thanks posting all the photos, too. Maybe someday I'll get to a market and be able to see everything in person!