Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Show & Tell

One of our friends sent us photos of several recently completed projects and she said we could share them with you.  Chris Retseck is a prolific stitcher when she's not working at her "day job"- adult services librarian.  She is a member of the Needle Artisans of Northwest Indiana (NANI) chapter of the EGA.  When I asked Chris about her stitching, she said, "I have been stitching since about 1982!  Some of my favorite designers are La-D-Da, Country Cottage Needlework, Bent Creek, Cricket Collection, Blackbird Designs.  I truly LOVE stitching.  It is my sanctuary and keeps me sane!"  I think we can all relate to that.  Enjoy looking at her work; it is inspiring!

I have started a facebook page if you are a facebook fan.  Be sure to look for the correct House of Stitches when you visit.  Our page has a picture of the front of our shop.  I plan to  use it to let you know about new things as soon as they arrive.  Until next time....

Happy stitching,
Mares Eat Oats by La-D-Da

Christmas Tree by Alessandra Adelaide
Button, Button by Country Cottage


  1. I live in Greensburg Indiana how far away is your store. Since needle fever went out of business I don't have an LNS anymore

    1. I checked mapquest and it says we are 196.47 miles from Greensburg. The estimated travel time is 3 hours and 39 minutes. We hope you can visit our shop; we would love to show you around!